The blog will be about BEER and BULLSHIT


Brewing nice, no nonsense beer since NEVER.
We will only use ingredients that we can find at the right price, that produce the right product.
None of this 'only the finest ingredients' bullshit, because we know that can't be true now... can it?
Think about it, almost everyone says 'only the finest ingredients', they can't all use them, can they.
Someone must be using the 'less fine'!

And if you really care, the cleanliness of your glass and the pub pipes is almost more important than the beer itself.

Clean Pipes

Bad beer delivered down a clean pipe is better than the best beer delivered down a dirty pipe. I don't want to taste cleaning fluid, I want to taste beer, so flush the pipes with clean water, please.

Clean Glasses

A clean glass is better a dirty glass, obviously! A dirty wine glass may have lipstick around the rim which is easy to see (mild sexism there, I know!). A dirty beer glass is more subtle. Imagine the beer glass has been used, is now empty and has been left for a long time, the beer residue dries on the inside of the glass. Then when they are put in the glass washer, the pub doesn't use the right detergent, or not enough detergent, whatever. The glass comes out looking superficially clean. As soon as the beer is put in the glass, you can see lines of bubbles on the inside of the glass, these collect on the dirt you cannot see, you must have seen them. Dirty glasses! keep your eyes peeled.

What is a spoonerism?
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